Friday, May 16, 2008

Easy Slipper Knitting Patterns Are Great For Beginners

Choose easy slipper knitting patterns, they are great for a beginner to learn how to knit. The only stitches required are knit and purl. You can use the shorter needles and this will help you to get use to handling them. With short needles you do not have all that extra length to deal with.

Tips for knitting slippers

First: Choose a simple pattern. Slippers are small so you will finish quickly and have a real sense of accomplishment.

Second: Choose shorter needles. You do not need long needles for slippers. The shorter needles are much easier to handle. Sizes 8 through 10 all are good to learn with.

Third: Choose a yarn that is thick or bulky. I like working with thick yarn when I want a quick project.

Forth: Use the smallest size the pattern says if you are using one with size choices. This way you will not be trying to figure out where you are in the pattern. You will always know the stitches are the first set.

When we first begin to knit we all tend to pull our stitches too tight. That is why I suggest the larger short needles and thicker yarn. You do not need worry about size of slipper to begin with.

My first project was a huge beautiful shawl. I messed it up terribly and did not try to knit again for a long time. I felt like a failure. Had I chose a smaller and easier project to start with this would never have happened. Of course I did eventually get back to knitting but I choose a much smaller project this time.

Knitting pattern, slipper

Slippers are a great gift. Perfect for stoking stuffers, for the new mother or your friend at the office. With knit slippers the size dose not have to be exact for a great fit.

Free slipper knitting patterns can be found easily online. I have a few on my site that would be great for a beginner to get started, they are knit flat so this makes it very easy handling. One pattern is knit on needles and the other pattern is knit on a knitting loom. They are basic patterns and there is a chart to help the beginner to see how to knit them.

Do not forget the charities as they can use slippers also. So if your not sure what size you want to make or the color somebody likes use what you have on hand. There will always be somebody that would love to have a pair of snuggly slippers to warm their feet.

Linda Spangenburg draws on 35+ years from her knitting and crochet business experience, both as a teacher and craft business owner. She is the author behind "Looney for Looms" where you will find patterns for loom knitting. We hope you found the information here inspiring enough to try a craft homebased business? You can find more free information about knitting and crochet for profit at



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